Seven Ways Bayridge Helps

It has been clinically proven that anxiety disorders are most effectively treated by using seven different therapeutic modalities.

Counselling Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Many people with generalized anxiety disorder have clinically proven to benefit from a distinct form of counselling called cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). One of our professionals trained in CBT can help you work through your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that fuel worry. Your personalized therapist will help you diminish your worry by teaching you skills to cope, relax, and solve problems.

The beauty of CBT is that it is most often a fairly short-term treatment. You will take what you learned in session and practice between sessions at home.

Mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioural therapy or M-CBT is a combination of something called "mindfulness" and CBT. Mindfulness teaches you ways to live in the present, instead of lingering in the past or anticipating the future.


Counselling Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT)

We as human are relational by design. This counseling focuses on creating and maintaining well functioning relationships. We need each other to survive and to thrive. When we are living in dysfunctional or abusive relationships we are living in constant stress and sometimes chaos. IPT brings healing to old wounds, health to present relationships and empowerment to self-care.



This form of counselling also known as talk therapy and psychological counselling involves working through unresolved life issues and concerns and making behavior changes. It can be a very effective treatment for anxiety.


Bio-feedback training

BFT is learning to train your body to relax (which those who suffer with anxiety struggle with). When using positive feedback loops of the heart rate or skin temperature, you can actually see your body relaxing on a computer screen.


Drug therapy

There are two different groups of medications that may be used to treat anxiety. Anti-anxiety medication called benzodiazepine is prescribed to help you cope with intense anxiety and has a quick response to make you feel relaxed. Antidepressants may help manage anxiety for longer periods of time.


Educational and support groups

Our educational support groups include you and a support person. A facilitator who understands your situation well will guide you.



Trauma recovery therapy is used when a person has experienced difficult abandonment, neglect, abuse or wounding. This counseling is the opposite to talk therapy. Your trained therapist literally assists your brain to do what we believe the brain wants to do on its own, i.e., heal itself.

At Bayridge we offer these clinically proven strategies in personally designed programs. To get started, call 905.319.1488.
"Stress & anxiety disolour clarity and dilute passion." (Kim Christink)

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